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Team Testimonials


Santina Bloom | New York

For the past five years, I have enjoyed my role as a nurse. I enjoy teaching the patients and children about how to feel confident and safe about giving their injections to their families or to themselves. I am truly honored to be a part of an awarding team to give back to families who need just an extra one on one teaching session.


Jean Cruz | New York

I have been a nurse for the last 8 years. My career started because of my father. He had 2 heart attacks in front of me and I felt helpless. I decided to learn more about healthcare.I came across this career choice with Heart N Rhythm Nursing Agency. This choice gives me the opportunity to educate parents of children with specific medications that their child needs. By educating them it puts the entire family at ease.


I am currently an LVN with HNR and absolutely love what I do and the patients I am able to interact with. I love meeting families and having the opportunity to teach them about the medication and how to use the injection pens or the use of the syringe and vial medications. I go to their home, teach them this process and answer any questions they may have.


Maneera Williams | Pennsylvania

I enjoy being a nurse because I love making a difference in people's lives. I know no one enjoys being sick or needing help but if I can at least put a smile on someone's face during their time of need, it makes me happy. I enjoy completing cases for Heart N Rhythm because I enjoy being able to teach someone how to do something so they can be independent.


Joshua Flores | Texas

I became a nurse because I enjoy helping people progress their lives in any aspect. I’m the first in my family both mom and dad side to become a healthcare professional. I enjoy the cases I receive because it gives me a chance to show families how everyone can be involved and help with the treatment given by their provider. 

Tiffany Hall | California

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