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About Us

Welcome to Heart-N-Rhythm Nursing


Since our founding, Heart N Rhythm Nursing has built a reputation as an industry-leading service provider with advanced nursing strategies, innovative technology, and a world-class team. With a focus on quality holistic care, our services include Outpatient Infusions, Mobile IV Therapy, and Med-Injection Training. We also supply healthcare facilities with personnel who are exceptionally trained, courteous, and fully credentialed.

Our resident BSN provides our team with continuous training to remain equipped to address job site challenges.

Passionate and Dedicated: Meet our CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer and the face of Heart N Rhythm, Erik J. Simmons leads the development of our short and long-term strategies while driving and implementing our vision. 

Before founding Heart-N-Rhythm, Erik was employed in Health and Social Services for over 25 years. While on this path, he realized the great need for quality healthcare in Philadelphia and beyond. 

Erik holds a Bachelor of Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Strayer University. 

Erik J. Simmons
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